We offer two-stage hot blackening in a modern blackening line from the German manufacturer.

With this two-stage blackening we achieve a deeper shade of the blackening layer with fuller and more intense color.

Blackening is a chemical treatment of steel surfaces to improve appearance and corrosion resistance. The thickness of the blackening layer ranges from a few tenths of a micrometer to 2 microns.
Parts are blackened on hinges of 760/200/200 mm (L / W / D) with a maximum weight of 50 kg. Small parts of larger quantities and smaller sizes are blackened in a rotating drum.

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For parts with inhomogeneous surfaces, such as scratches, scratches or tool marks, we can unify the surface on customer's request by mechanical operations such as sanding or tumbling. After this operation, the parts have a more even and integral surface.

We blast in a drum device from a Czech manufacturer. Drum blasting is suitable for forgings, castings and small parts. As abrasive we use mainly cast iron pulp.

Tumbling in a device from a German manufacturer with ceramic stones.
Internal dimensions of drums: diameter 280 mm, height 220 mm

After consultation we will specify the possibilities of tumbling your parts.


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